Mostafa Mir-Salim, was named as Islamic Coalition Party's nominee for Iranian presidential election, 2017 in December 2016. He launched his campaign in April 2017.
Provincial visits
Political positions
Foreign policy
In the first step visited DESA (company). In a speech at Mazandaran University, Mir-Salim said “Diplomatically speaking, we should have further engagement with the neighboring states such as Afghanistan, Turkey and Qatar because we have common interests with the neighbors which can be met through engagement and consultation”. He also stated that Iran has been committed to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, while other parties “failed to completely fulfill all its commitments”. He blamed the incumbent government for not using the opportunity of nuclear deal, noting that he will use the opportunity to develop exports.
Mostafa Aqa-Mirsalim has taken a jab at the incumbent President's administration over what he calls non-stop imports. Aqa-Mirsalim was speaking to students at K. N. Toosi University of Technology in Tehran. He said too much import inundated the domestic market and made many manufacturers bankrupt in the past 4 years.
Islamic Coalition Party
Asadollah Badamchian
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