16. September 2018
The Stanford Axe is a trophy awarded to the winner of the annual Big Game, a college football match-up between the University of California Golden Bears and the Stanford University Cardinal. The trophy consists of an axe-head mounted on a large wooden plaque, ...
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15. September 2018
The Prairie is a 1947 film based on the novel The Prairie by James Fenimore Cooper. ...
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14. September 2018
Relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia are historically adversarial. Immediately after Eritrea's independence from Ethiopia in 1993, relations were cordial despite the former relationship. Since independence Eritrea's relationship with Ethiopia was entirely ...
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13. September 2018
The Commission for Relief in Belgium or C.R.B. − known also as just Belgian Relief − was an international (predominantly American) organization that arranged for the supply of food to German-occupied Belgium and northern France during the First World War. ...
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12. September 2018
Latil was a French automaker specializing in heavy duty vehicles, such as trucks, tractors and buses, from 1898 to 1955. ...
Salon Niort 2012 (8173245740).jpgBundesarchiv Bild 101I-096-0506-24, Nordeuropa, Soldaten beim Start eines Ballons.jpgForest tractor Latil.jpgDe facto car.svg