28. February 2018
Ben Pomeroy (born 10 January 1984) is an Australian professional rugby league footballer who plays for the Lezignan Sangliers in the Elite One Championship. He has played for Cambridge Park RLFC in the Penrith district then went on to play in the National ...
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28. February 2018
Trezzano sul Naviglio (Lombard: Trezzan [treˈsãː]) is a comune (municipality) in the Metropolitan City of Milan in the Italian region Lombardy, located about 9 km (6 mi) southwest of Milan. ...
Italy provincial location map 2015.svg
28. February 2018
The 85th Test and Evaluation Squadron is part of the 53d Wing at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. It conducts testing and evaluation for the F-15 Eagle, F-15E Strike Eagle, and F-16 Fighting Falcon airframes. ...
Military service mark of the United States Air Force.png85 Fighter-Interceptor Sq emblem.pngUSAF - Aerospace Defense Command.png85th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron North American F-86D-40-NA Sabre 52-3725.jpg85 Fighter Sq emblem.png85th Test and Evaluation Squadron General Dynamics F-16D Block 40K Fighting Falcon 90-0799.jpgHeinkel He 111 during the Battle of Britain.jpg85th Test and Evaluation Squadron.jpgFlag of the United States Air Force.svgAir Combat Command.pngSeal of the US Air Force.svg
28. February 2018
Atintanes or Atintanians (Greek: Ἀτιντάνες, Atintánes, Latin: Atintani) was an ancient tribe in Epirus. It inhabited a region inland of the Epirote coast which was called Atintania. They were one of the Epirote tribes that belonged to the ...
Map of ancient Epirus and environs (English).svg
28. February 2018
Nogodan is a mountain of Jeollanam-do, southwestern South Korea. It has an elevation of 1,507 metres. ...
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