11. February 2019
Kensington and Chelsea Register Office is an office for the registration of births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships in Chelsea, London. It has hosted the weddings of many notable people.According to The Independent, it is "still one of the hippest ...
1911 Britannica-Architecture-Chelsea Town Hall.pngLondon Dragon.svg
10. February 2019
Rielle Hunter (born Lisa Jo Druck on March 20, 1964, also known as Lisa Hunter, Lisa Jo Hunter, and Rielle Jaya James Druck) is an American former film producer. She is known for having had an affair and conceiving a child with former US Senator John Edwards, ...
John Edwards, official Senate photo portrait.jpg
09. February 2019
A single-ended triode (SET) is a vacuum tube electronic amplifier that uses a single triode to produce an output, in contrast to a push-pull amplifier which uses a pair of devices with antiphase inputs to generate an output with the wanted signals added and ...
08. February 2019
Iazu is an impact crater located within the Meridiani Planum extraterrestrial plain, situated within the Margaritifer Sinus quadrangle (MC-19) region of the planet Mars. This geological feature is about 7 km in diameter. It is close to the landing site of the ...
Endeavour Crater Annotated 2009-03-07.jpgMeridianicropped.pngMeridiani Planum PIA13704.jpgPancam super res sol 2239 Endeavour.jpgContext mapmerbsol2239.jpgMars Hubble.jpg
07. February 2019
Eagle Grange No. 1 was organized on March 4, 1871 by a group of rural farmers who had become concerned about the rising costs of farming in the post Civil War economy. It is in Clinton Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania in the United States. Eagle Grange ...
Eagle Grange.JPGUSA Pennsylvania location map.svg