07. July 2018
Maria Teresa Santillan is the current mayor of Lynwood, California. Santillan was elected to the Lynwood City Council in 2003 and was appointed to serve as mayor in 2007. ...
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06. July 2018
Te-uri is the goddess of darkness in Tahitian mythology. She is the sister the war god 'Oro. ...
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04. July 2018
Donald Mackenzie Maynard Bartlett (25 August 1873 – 16 October 1969) was an Anglican priest and author. ...
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03. July 2018
Wright's Flour Mill is located at Wharf Road Ponders End which is part of the London Borough of Enfield. It is Enfield's oldest working industrial building. ...
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01. July 2018
William E. Wells House is a historic home located at Newell, Hancock County, West Virginia. It was built in 1907 and extensively remodeled in 1934-1935. It is a three-story Colonial Revival-style dwelling finished in locally quarried rock-faced ashlar. It ...
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