10. September 2018
James Anthony Horne (born April 1946) is a British sleep neuroscientist and emeritus professor of psychophysiology at Loughborough University. He is a regular commentator in the British media on the subject of sleep. ...
09. September 2018
Henry Stephen Peploski (September 15, 1905 – January 28, 1982), nicknamed "Pep", was a former professional baseball player who was an infielder in the Major Leagues in 1929. He played for the Boston Braves, and is recognized as one of four Major Leaguers ...
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08. September 2018
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07. September 2018
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06. September 2018
Plasma activation (or plasma functionalization) is a method of surface modification employing plasma processing, which improves surface adhesion properties of many materials including metals, glass, ceramics, a broad range of polymers and textiles and even ...
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