23. October 2018
The Montana Magic were a short-lived ice hockey franchise, founded in 1983, that competed for one season in the now defunct Central Hockey League, based in North America. ...
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22. October 2018
Orba (Valencian: [ˈɔɾba]; Spanish: [ˈoɾβa]) is a small town and municipality in the comarca of Marina Alta in the Valencian Community, Spain. ...
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20. October 2018
Nebo is a genus of scorpions in the family Diplocentridae. ...
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19. October 2018
Colin Evans was an early 20th-century Welsh Spiritualist medium who claimed to have the ability to levitate but was discovered to be a fraud. ...
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18. October 2018
The Spring Creek Fire was a wildfire near Fort Garland and La Veta, Colorado in Costilla and Huerfano counties in southern Colorado. The fire burned a total of 108,045 acres (437 square kilometers) and was the third-largest wildfire in Colorado history. ...
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