28 September 2018
Chemical Playschool 3 & 4 is a 1983 album by The Legendary Pink Dots.
Track listing
"The Light in My Little Girl's Eyes" "The Top" "Neon Gladiators #1" "Obsession" "The Waiting Game" "Ego Tripper" "Malhazka" "Curse - The Sequel" "She Said" "Film Of The Book" "Tower 1" "Lullaby For Charles's Brother" "Collapse" "Tower 2" "Glad He Ate Her" "Barbed Obituary" "Tower 3" "Espresso Curfew" "Surprise, Surprise" "The Bride Wore Green" "When The Clock Strikes 13" "Just Passing Over, Lovey..." "Premonition 10" "Grind" "Choke" "The Plasma Twins" "Apocalypse Soon" "Apocalypse Gone" "Cherry Lipstick" "It's Raining... Again" "The Glory, The Glory"
Vocals/Keyboards/Treatments: Edward Ka-Spel Keyboards: Phil Harmonix (Phil Knight) Keyboards/Voice: April Iliffe Guitar: Stret Majest (Barry Gray) Drums: Keith Thompson Bass: Roland Calloway Flute: Sally Graves Violin: Patrick Q Paganini
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