15. January 2019
Cordillacris occipitalis, known generally as the spot-winged grasshopper or spotted wing grasshopper, is a species of slant-faced grasshopper in the family Acrididae. It is found in North America. ...
Grasshopper April 2008-3.jpg
14. January 2019
The LWD Żuraw was a Polish utility and liaison aircraft prototype of 1951, high-wing monoplane with single engine, that did not enter production. The name means crane. ...
LWD-Zuraw (POL).jpg
13. January 2019
The Berneuse (or la Berneuse) is a mountain of the western Bernese Alps, above Leysin in the canton of Vaud. It lies on the range east of the Rhone valley, culminating at the Tour d'Aï. ...
Picswiss VD-44-04.jpgSwitzerland relief location map.jpg
12. January 2019
John Hennessy (August 20, 1825 – March 4, 1900) was a 19th-century Irish-born prelate of the Roman Catholic Church who served as bishop and archbishop in the United States. He served as bishop and then the first archbishop of the Archdiocese of Dubuque, Iowa ...
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Saint Louis.svgRoman Catholic Archdiocese of Dubuque.svgArchbishopHennessy.jpg046CupolaSPietro.jpg
11. January 2019
Skiti (Greek: Σκήτη) is a community located in the far west of the city of Kozani in northern Greece. It has a population of 289 (2011). ...