25. June 2019
Kisshōten (吉祥天), also known as Kichijōten, Kisshoutennyo (吉祥天女), Kudokuten (功徳天) is a Japanese female deity. Adapted via Buddhism from the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. Kisshoutennyo is sometimes named as one of the Seven Gods of Fortune ...
Daibutsu of Todaiji 4.jpgIwashimizuHachimangu.jpgKuniteru Gozu dragon.jpgJyoruriji Kissyoten Srii.jpgAmaterasu cave crop.jpg
24. June 2019
Temnolopha is a genus of moths belonging to the subfamily Olethreutinae of the family Tortricidae. ...
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23. June 2019
Mansoa verrucifera is a species of liana in the Trumpet-creeper family. It is native to Mexico, Guyana, and Venezuela. M. verrucifera bears long, narrow fruit, and has trifoliolate leaves that grow oppositely. ...
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22. June 2019
Western Sydney Wanderers Football Club (colloquially known as Western Sydney, or simply as Wanderers) is an Australian professional soccer club based in the Western Sydney region of Sydney, New South Wales. It competes in the country's premier soccer ...
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21. June 2019
A modern Belarusian name of a person consists of three parts: given name, patronymic, and family name, according to the Eastern Slavic naming customs, similar to Russian names and Ukrainian names. ...
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