02. June 2018
Harumachi Station (原町駅, Harumachi-eki) is a train station on the Sasaguri Line operated by JR Kyushu in Kasuya Town, Kasuya District, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. ...
Platform of Harumachi Station 2.jpgView of Harumachi Station.jpgHarumachi Station 20161104.jpgJapan location map with side map of the Ryukyu Islands.svg
01. June 2018
Bacamarte was a Brazilian symphonic/progressive rock band originally formed in 1974 by three school friends, although, because of their ages, they soon disbanded. In 1977 Neto reformed Bacamarte with a new set of musicians and it was this line-up that in 1978 ...
31. May 2018
Valborg Stoud Platou (15 October 1881 - 11 November 1960) was a Norwegian judge and attorney. ...
30. May 2018
Carbon12 is a wooden building in north Portland, Oregon, in the United States. The 8-story structure built with Oregon-made cross laminated timber became the tallest wood building in the United States, upon its completion. ...
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29. May 2018
Chlaenius floridanus is a species of ground beetle in the family Carabidae. It is found in North America. ...
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