20. June 2019
Tiziano Polenghi (born 26 September 1978) is an Italian football defender, currently playing for Cremonese in the Italian Lega Pro Prima Divisione. ...
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In March 2003 the United States government announced that "diplomacy has failed" and that it would proceed with a "coalition of the willing" to rid Iraq under Saddam Hussein of weapons of mass destruction the US insisted it possessed. The 2003 invasion of Iraq ...
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18. June 2019
Absurdistan is a 2008 German-French comedy film written and directed by Veit Helmer. ...
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16. June 2019
Williamsfield is an unincorporated community in central Williamsfield Township, Ashtabula County, Ohio, United States. Although it is unincorporated, it has a post office, with the ZIP code of 44093. It lies at the intersection of U.S. Route 322 with State ...
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15. June 2019
Wihtwara was the kingdom founded on the Isle of Wight, a 147-square-mile (380 km2) island off the south coast of England, during the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain. The name was derived from the Jutish name Wihtwara ("Men of Wiht"). Its capital was a fort ...
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