18 May 2019
The Burid dynasty was a Turkish Muslim dynasty which ruled over the Emirate of Damascus in the early 12th century.
The first Burid ruler, Toghtekin, began as a servant to the Seljuk ruler of Damascus, Duqaq. Following Duqaq's death in 1104, he seized the city for himself. The dynasty was named after Toghtekin's son, Taj al-Muluk Buri. The Burids gained recognition from the Abbasid caliphate in return for considerable gifts. In return, the caliphate did not interfere in the emirate.The Burids ruled the city until 1154, when it was taken by the Zengid ruler of Aleppo, Nur ed-Din.The Burids lost to the Crusaders in the battle of Marj al-Saffar (1126) but were able to prevent the Second Crusade from capturing Damascus.
Burid Emirs of Damascus
Green shaded row signifies regency of Mu'in ad-Din Unur.
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