08. June 2019
Bessie De Voie (born in the 1880s – died June 30, 1974) was an American actress and dancer, a vaudeville and musical theatre performer. Her personal life was in the headlines from 1908 to 1910, due to her relationship with Frank Jay Gould. ...
07. June 2019
The Klues Forest (German: Klueser Wald and Danish: Klusris) is a forest which lies in Schleswig-Holstein/North-Germany, between Flensburg and Harrislee. ...
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06. June 2019
Auður Jónsdóttir (born 30 March 1973) is one of the most accomplished authors writing in Icelandic today. Her novels have aroused interest in Iceland as well as abroad for their rare blend of incisive candor and humor. She won the Icelandic Literary Prize ...
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05. June 2019
Philippe Louviot (born 14 March 1964) is a former French racing cyclist. He won the French national road race title in 1990. ...
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04. June 2019
Yannis (later John) Alexis Mardas (Greek: Αλέξης Μάρδας; 2 May 1942 – 13 January 2017), also known as Magic Alex, was a Greek electronics engineer who is best known for his close association with the Beatles. His nickname was given to him by John ...
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